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    Main Title City Hunter

    Official Title ja シティーハンター
    Type TV Series, 51 episodes
    Year 06.04.1987 till 28.03.1988
    Categories Action, Boing, Comedy, Detective, Gunfights, Manga, Nudity, Pantsu, Shounen, Slapstick, Underworld, Violence, Violent Retribution for Accidental Infringement - similar
    Resources Allcinema, ANN, Official page (jp), AnimeNfo, MAL[more]

    The series follows the exploits of Saeba Ryou, who works as a "sweeper" — sweeping crime off the streets — and Makimura Kaori, a tomboyish girl who deals primarily with the business side of things, and has a crush on Ryou, though is reluctant to admit it. The clandestine City Hunter team is available for hire for missions like protection and private investigation. And Ryou has made it his policy to primarily take on jobs involving beautiful women. These contact the team by writing the letters XYZ on a blackboard at Shinjuku station.
    Đang up .........
    Anime hay nhưng coi TA chả hiểu gì may vẫn có truyện TV để đọc
    Có bản mini nhưng nó hardsub mất OP nên kiếm được bản đẹp softsub down về up lên đó
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    Bo này dịch chưa :))
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    chưa đâu bác dịch thì em mừng lắm đang cần đây còn city hunter 2(63 Ep) City hunter 3(13 EP) city hunter 91 3 tâp movie nữa (cái này chưa down torrent thì chậm còn link khác trên sever chat irc nên down lâu
    Đang cang bộ này mà chưa ai dịch xong ss1 rồi down tiếp

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